The #1 Secret to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur:  FOCUS!

The #1 Secret to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur: FOCUS!

Location, location, location . . . yep, that’s the success motto in real estate! Most people have heard that location is the #1 factor in real estate investing. Being an entrepreneur is similar where the most important element to success is focus, focus, focus!


I worked in real estate for 15 years and the “location” element was always first on the list. When people got this out of order, #2 or #3 it was without fail a bad experience. Same goes for entrepreneurs and focus! We have been sold a bag of garbage on this multi-tasking concept. DOWNLOAD 11 Simple Tools To Increase Productivity & Focus




We know focus is important when starting a business, but entrepreneurs get overwhelmed. As entrepreneurs we wear many hats and can quickly become scattered and distracted. Strategy and execution suffer because we are moving in many directions. Lack of focus catches up with you fast, lack of growth and profit for the business will lead to serious problems.


Time, energy and money are going to strategies, marketing ideas and products at the same time, leading to none of them being executed well. Multi-tasking is a business killer. Lack of focus equals burning time, frustration and a general feeling of being on a hamster wheel constantly! Frustration!


Have you heard of SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome or Entrepreneurial ADD? Yes, let me describe how this insanity plays out – You sign up for one or five “Online Business Success” programs, then download 25 ebooks, join countless Facebook groups, download free videos, MP3s and you are feeling good. In control for the moment. Then you never complete the program or read one ebook because you have signed up for more of the same! You know you will find the magic key one day soon.


I know this program very well because I did it all for a long time. It is an endless cycle of never getting anything accomplished but feeling like I had worked hard. It is hard chaotic work, it keeps you scattered and confused.


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Business Branding Colors A Hot Mess?

Business Branding Colors A Hot Mess?

Branding, color, graphics and logos are one of the creative and fun decisions we make in creating our business! Most people really love these activities however they approach the task without a plan and end up with a collage of many things they love, thus causing confusion in the marketplace.


Color is a personal preference but you need to be sure your colors project the emotion you desire for your business. This is an entire topic on its own so to find out about this just google: color emotion.


Color Consistency


If you are going to run your own website (which I highly encourage or at least be able to) and make graphics you need to know the Hex # for your colors. Keep your colors consistent across all platforms. You want your audience to recognize your branded colors. If you use several variations it creations confusion and you will not achieve a recognizable brand.


I see new businesses using different colors every time they create something. Changing their logo and logo colors. If your logo is a pineapple graphic do not use a realistic pineapple interchangeably. If you study big brands like McDonald, Shell Oil, American Airlines etc… their branding is always the same. It creates “muscle memory” in the brains of humans so they know the company immediately.


A Brand Is More Than Color & A Logo


All the components in branding require specialized analysis. It is more than a logo and color. You want to project an emotion, an experience and a need or solution for your customer.


I created a short video to teach the new entrepreneur how to create their own branding board. It gives you control of your business so you are not dependent on a designer to create your branding and colors.


When I work with new entrepreneurs I teach them this process. This is just a first step, however it gets you to discover all the possibilities available for your business. Do not rush the process. Play around with color, keep pictures you love, fabric samples, carpet designs, photography or even greeting cards. You will start to find color palettes in your everyday world.


Have fun, explore color and create your color board! You will be happy you did. I use mine everyday and boy is it a time saver and it keeps my brand consistent.


Debbie Frank is a Lifestyle Business Strategist, who works with entrepreneurs to bring their vision to the marketplace. She assists with “Business Discovery & Development.” She enjoys the concept of making & breaking the rules of business possibilities together by exploring new models. Debbie believes excellence is never an accident: it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.