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Say “Yes” To Your True Desires

Without hesitation, you will hire a general contractor to help renovate your home, a personal trainer to get your body bikini ready for summer, a tutor to assist your kids with calculus, however when it comes to your own business you seem to think you need to figure it out alone.

You have a dream of starting your own business and being your own boss, however you are on information overload. There are so many puzzle pieces you are still struggling to put it all together. Are you in endless overwhelm from being on the roller coaster ride of yet another learning curve?


The worst part is you compare yourself to others who appear to have created their business and passed you up! You have something special to share with the world and need to release the fear of the unknown and just start. I’m here to help you get started the right way and make your dreams a reality! 


You have one life to live, make it count and matter to the world! Lifestyle is high on the list. After analyzing what really lights me up, I decided my dream business must include travel to white sandy beaches and beautiful tropical destinations. I incorporated travel, hotels and spa’s into my business, hence SPA Swank! It’s what I love.


You design your business and life. You decide. I am here to help you make it happen! You will be able to collapse the time line and end the frustration to creating your business.

The most successful people in business all have coaches. If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t do it alone. I would have a coach right out of the gate! People who have accountability are simply more successful. This program is designed for you, people making the leap into entrepreneurship. You don’t have to figure it out alone, waste a lot of time, burn money, be frustrated and eventually give up. The program is simple to implement with step by step actions to start creating your dream business.

Mindset, Branding & Action [MBA] Program:



This is a hybrid program of one-on-one coaching and webinar teachings. Your mindset is first, making sure you are open for abundance and ready to receive all your desires. Second, you will dive into branding for your new company. Third, you will discover who is your dream customer. You will have a 1 hour “Discovery Skype Session” before the program starts to discuss where you are in the process of starting your business, your desires and struggles. When the program has concluded you will have another 1 hour “Review Skype Session” to address any questions you may have. You will feel confident and have all your questions answered!

Discovery Session

You will have a 1 hour Skype/Phone Session with me prior to the kick off of the program. You can tell me the areas you need clarity and help on. We will design a strategic plan for your business for the next 90 days to get you up and making money quick.


Are you sabotaging yourself from achieving the success you desire? You will have 1 session on how negative thoughts will hold you back and 1 session about your beliefs around money. Where are you blocking your money flow and abundance in your life?


What exactly is branding? It is more than colors and your logo. You will have 1 session on designing your brand with your customer in mind as well as your personality. 1 session will be about projecting an “experience” not just a service or product.

Dream Customer

Who are you meant to serve? 1 session will be about defining who your dream customer is and where do you find them. Then 1 session will address the different methods for refining the process using interviews, surveys and market research.


Worksheets & Email

Every Tuesday starting on February 3, 2015 you will receive a workbook in your email box. It will help you go in depth with the weekly topic. Expect to spend about 2-3 hours per week on the workbook. You will have direct email to me for the entire program. 

Private Facebook Group

You will have 24/7 interaction and support with a network of like minded entrepreneurs. The group is intended to share ideas, network and gain the extra support from the group. It is about staying positive and motivating each other in this experience.


You will receive over $1,700 in bonuses from experts in their respective fields. Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery and creator of a new pathway for women to embrace their feminine power. Tamara Rene is a Transformational Coach focusing on eating well and Melissa Alexis Jacobsen is a notable healer.

Review Session

The 8th week we will have our final Private Session via Skype/Phone. You will be able to ask anything you have on your mind. We will review your 90 Day Plan we designed on the 1st Session to see if you would like to make any adjustments or changes to the plan.

If you are reading this page more than likely you have downloaded the classic book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book was a smash hit sensation when it was published back in 1937. The advise is as valuable today as the day it was written! If you would like a copy click HEREHave you read it? More importantly if you have read it, have you implemented and taken action in your life? Well, now is the perfect time for everyone to have the opportunity to learn more of these life changing, wealth building, proven strategies. You will learn the main steps to financial abundance from Mr. Hill’s epic research!

Your Mindset

Mindset is possibly the most important component to your success. Hill’s book is centered on how a person should change their thinking and master their own thoughts in order to make their desires a reality. The book contains 15 different topics to help you change your thinking and gain control of your lifestyle. The main idea is that you can become and achieve what you think about all day.

Your Branding

How do you present your business to the world? Are you a utility or luxury brand? You get to decide how you want the world to experience your business. How does your brand make a person feel? What do people say about your brand? There is a street in New York City know as Madison Avenue that caters to these important questions. Branding is the first impression with your customer.

Your Dream Customer

Your dream customer is just that, a person who raves about your company, tells all their friends and family because you fit in their lifestyle perfectly. Once you have identified who your dream customer is, what their fears and desires are and where they are located you will be on the road to creating a beautiful business. You must know who your ideal dream customer is to direct your marketing.

Mindset + Branding + Dream Customers = Trifecta For Success

You Must Get It Right!

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” ~ Napolean Hill

Your 3 Bonuses: To Build A Beautiful Business & Life!

Total Value Over $1,700

Feminine Mastery


Cyndie is the founder of Feminine Mastery and creator of a new pathway for women to embrace their feminine power and flourish in love, life and business. Cyndie mentors women privately, in her Feminine Mastery Circle, online programs, and at her signature transformational retreat on Maui. To enhance your success and ensure your fulfillment in your dream business, Cyndie will guide you to align your deeper purpose with your business mission in a Feminine Mastery Immersion Session valued at $597 FEMININEMASTERY. COM 

Tamara Renee

Tamara Renee

Tamara is an Author, Empowerment Speaker & Nutritionist with over a quarter century experience. She is the creator of a method that has you master ~ “loving the life you live IN!” Tamara has transformed thousands of people bodies, lives and levels of happiness by getting to the core of what it is that you need to radiate the best YOU! Tamara will be presenting a Guest Host Webinar, and you will also receive a complimentary half an hour private consultation via Skype/Phone with her valued at $697 TAMARARENEEGLOBAL.COM

Melissa Alexis Jacobsen

Melissa is a long time Master is several techniques including Healing & Clearing, Akashic Records, Reiki, and Belief & Energy Healing just to mention a few. She is a visionary icon in Austin, Texas helping many individuals as well as Fortune 500 Corporations. She teaches easy ways to increase abundance in every area of your life by using your own core values. The end result is bringing your vision into manifestation with ease and grace. Melissa will be offering you a 1.5 hour consultation via Skype/Phone. Valued at $497 MELISSAALEXISJACOBSEN. COM

This is the year you leave the 9 -5 grind. You are ready to start living your dreams. Build your successful business!

[create the success you desire in your life]

I am ready to build my dream business! Yes, I'm in.

When just starting out on a new journey, it’s only natural to feel vulnerable. After all, it may seem that you have much to lose. But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in your journey, will you have so much to gain as you will if you start today.

Mike Dooley



How is the course delivered?

You will receive an email for each webinar. The program will start on February 5, 2015 Thursday and will be scheduled every Thursday, concluding on March 12, 2015. If you cannot make it on the Live Webinar do not worry, a replay will be sent out. You will receive worksheets 2 days prior to the Webinar on Tuesday. The webinars, worksheets and special bonus content information will be hosted on a membership site with 2 weeks of starting the program. Since everything is Live we will add webinars as they are completed.

The 2 Personal Calls can be either via Skype or telephone. The 1st call will be available on January 23 – February 4. The Review call after the program has concluded will be available on March 16-20, 2015. 


When does the course start?

February 5, 2014, Thursday will be the first live webinar. It is highly recommended to attend the Live webinar if possible. Information is learned at a higher level.


What sort of time investment is required?

Each week’s materials will take you about 1-2 hours to complete depending on where you are in your business.


Do you offer a refund if it’s not right for me?

No. Due to the Promotional Price of the program it is not possible along with the  1:1 bonus components of the program it is not possible to offer refunds.


Do you offer payment plans?

No, not on this Promotional Program. It is a Special Price for a limited time only.

Is there an Agreement outlining the program?

Yes, here is a copy for your review. Click Here


It Is My Time. I Am Building My Dream Business Starting Today

[create the success you desire in your life]

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Bonuses Valued at $1,700

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