10 Random Factoids

Personal Trivia Spaning Years: Unrelated to Business! omg

1.) Tandem Skydiving:

sky Whoa… Ripcord 1,001: The splash of pink is me! A Jump was on my Bucket List, so one thing to mark off. It wasn’t as scary as I imagined, however I bet it is really scary to jump alone. I will not be doing that anytime soon!  

2.) Extra on the movie, North Country with Charlize Theron & Woody Harrelson:

charlize_theron_in_north_country_wallpaper_1_1280 Woody is an absolute blast! I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the filming of this movie. If you ever get the chance to do this, go for it. I have a new respect for how hard actors work. Charlize was phenom! What a professional. 

3.) Abu Dhabi Dunes:

1468674_610968505634357_726917105_n Riding the dunes! The hood on the jeep is up to let the engine cool off, it was outrageously hot. Miles and miles and miles of sand. I could never navigate this land. I thought Texas was hot, but I stand corrected! 😉

4.) Shih Tzu – Angel:

AngelShih-Tzu-Wallpaper Miss Angel traveled with me for 15 years. She earned a significant amount of Frequent Puppy Flyer Miles! What a way to meet people too. She definitely earned many upgrades for this human! 

5.) Sick in the Jungle of Indonesia:

chinese herbs pharmacy It was almost time to call a helicopter to come save me when a local took me to a Chinese Doctor. The only thing I remember was the Doctor smashing dried sea horses. Cured in 2 hours! I became an instant believer and I continue to use alternative medicines to this day.

6.) My Secret Crush:

Dances with Wolves It all started with: Dances with Wolves! Mr. Kevin Costner was simply outstanding in this epic movie! I loved it and still do. I think it’s his voice! Kevin has started a band called: Kevin Costner and Modern West Bank.  Yeah, check it out!!

7.) Bali:

PG_BAL_004 The Island stole my heart! I immediately loved the people, culture, food, dance and the incredibly talented artisans. The breath taking beauty is truly the definition of “awesome” . . . My prayer is that it remain untouched by commercialism. It is a lovely and inspiring place to be.

8.) Girls Fast Pitch Softball:

softball2 I played 4 years of girls fast pitch softball in Middle School. It was a great experience to learn team work & sportsmanship. I find it surprising how serious parents take the game! Wow, watch out. My position was short stop and pitcher.

9.) Young Entrepreneur:

109a2405ccc22669b4c01a0807b5e001 At 5 years old I decided to enter the “Commerce Game” by selling fire crackers! Black Cats, to the neighborhood kids for one cent each! My display case was this lovely plastic child’s vanity. I opened literally 1,000’s of fire crackers. My parents did not see any promise in my quest to dominate the market.

10.) Stop Thief:

DSC01646-L Do not trust a Zen monkey – ever! Bali has tons of these monkeys and they love to lift your stuff! Expensive stuff that is, like my camera, sun glasses and skirt. Then they run to a secret hideaway cave that resembles a Nordstrom’s filled with all their treasures a.k.a Hot Merchandise! Stay alert, they are fast.

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